Within the framework of Article 41 of the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works, amended by Law No. 5101, the regulation determining the procedures and principles regarding the use and/or transmission of works, performances, productions and publications has been published and entered into force.

Pursuant to Articles 80 and 41 of Law No. 5846, it is the only institution that has the right to authorize or prohibit the broadcasts of member broadcasters from being used in public places such as hotels, stores, shopping centers, sports centers and health institutions, the details of which are specified in the regulation. Our Professional Association, which is one of the leading companies in Turkey, determined its tariff in line with the mandatory provisions of the law and regulation and submitted it to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Within this framework, the places that have radio and/or television broadcasts in their businesses must first get permission by making a contract with our professional association.
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